BLIAV Loving Care Group at Mother's Day Classic


The Buddha’s great value is to provide unconditional love and compassion to all living beings. The Loving Care Group was established to put Buddha’s teachings into practice in order to benefit all beings.


In support of Venerable Master Hsing Yun propagate Humanistic Buddhism, the Loving Care Group’s mission is to benefit the community by providing care and concern for all living beings, assisting them to find ways to alleviate sufferings in order to achieve joy and piece.


The Loving Care Group is a volunteer group initiated by enthusiastic BLIA Victoria members who are interested in community involvement in October 2004. Since its establishment in July 2005, the group has actively taken part in charitable and community activities such as visiting nursing home, promoting Chinese Culture to the community, participating in community events: Refugee Festival, Harmony Day. Inter-faith Programs, Mother’s Day Classic, Clean Up Australia Day, Winter Blanket Drive, fundraising for emergency aid and disaster relief, and India Medical Mission. It has conducted talks on sustainability, spiritual and health care. The Loving Care Group makes a donation to charitable organizations on the Buddha’s Day & Multicultural Festival every year.


  1. Follow the Bodhisattva path and spirit to cultivate a compassionate mind.
  2. Practice loving-kindness, compassion, joy and equanimity to benefit society.
  3. Cultivate mindfulness in our daily life, to accumulate bliss and wisdom.
  4. Resolve to serve all living beings and establish a pure land on earth.

Services provision

  1. To provide concern to disadvantaged groups and individuals.
  2. Emergency aid and disaster relief.
  3. To participate in charitable and community activities.
  4. To provide community education.