India Medical Mission


Fo Guang Shan Cultural & Educational Centre. New Delhi, India, headed by Venerable Hui Xian, first started their ‘lnternational Charity & Medical Service’ (‘ICMS’) in 2009.

The ICMS was run in collaboration with Medical teams and volunteers from Australia, China, India, Malaysia and Taiwan to provide free medical services to the poor and disadvantaged communities of India, many of which are isolated villages residing on the outskirts of India’s larger townships, where access to medical supplies or services are usually very scarce or non-existent.

India Medical Mission

Aim of the Medical Missions

  1. To promote and encourage charitable acts compassion to the youth of India by means of promoting Humanistic Buddhism.
  2. To provide medical services with the aim of alleviating pain & suffering (even if it is temporary) to residents living in these disadvantaged communities.
  3. Educate the residents of these disadvantaged communities in the ways of basic hygiene, and health care.

2016 Destination

The destination for this year’s Medical Mission is Bodhgaya. India, the birthplace of Buddha. Although, Bodhgaya is one of the most sacred places in the history of Buddhism and a very popular tourist destination, the township is still highly under developed with lacking medical facilities and services. This will be the second time our Australian Medical Team has collaborated with Fo Guang Shan, Delhi to participate in the International Charity & Medical Service.

Medical Trip Contact Person

Dr Shuang Quan Chan (