BLIA Victoria was formed in November 1992 by a group of devotees dedicated to the propagation of the Dharma, cultural exchange, education and charity work.


Venerable Master Hsing Yun was born in Chiangtu, Chiangsu Province, China in 1927. He was tonsured under Venerable Master Chih Kai at the age of twelve and became a novice monk at Chi-Sia Shan, a mountain monastery in Nanjing, China.


  • Propagate Buddhist teachings through various cultural activities
  • Nurture talents via education
  • Benefit the societies through the charitable programs
  • Purify the human hearts and minds through the Buddhist practices


  • To promote Humanistic Buddhism
  • To establish a purified society
  • To cultivate purity in our hearts and minds
  • To realise peace on earth


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